Archives: June 2014

Releasing Useful Software

Rapid changes in technology world than any other industry and raised the expectations and keeping a lot of pressure to move quickly, upgrade the solution, early releases in order to beat the competition to a solution. This can very well be achieved with a focused continuous customer feedback looping, narrowing down to minimal viable product and a systematic approach of building another successful solution for years.

Deciding on SEO?

Search engine’s result is a means to refer visitors to website and it’s the website content and relevance whch appeals to a reader to continue reading & contact the website owner or exit from the website. So, keep the following important points in mind about your website before you start optimizing website:

The importance of the long-term trending for SEO

You should focus instead on how your site’s rankings are improving over the long-term and looking for results over weeks and months, rather than hours or days.