Browser based softwares

Custom Software is an application or program or some kind of automation designed specially for your needs. There are various ways how these custom applications are developed. They may be developed using technologies like Visual Basic, Visual C++, Foxpro, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, Java and many others.

There are application which are known as Desktop Applications or Desktop Programs. These are programs which are installed on the computer and runs individually on the same. In old days, such applications were developed using programming languages like DBase, Foxbase, Foxpro and today they are also been developed in Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java etc.

There are applications which runs on browser i.e Internet Explorer or Chrome, Firefox etc. Such applications can also be deployed on a single computer and can function as a desktop based application. Such applications are developed using programming languages like PHP, JSP, HTML, ASP, ASP.NET etc

Browser based applications have an added advantage:

  • Such applications once installed on a computer can be shared and executed from other computers on the network without any installation.
  • Workstation machines do not need any dependency files to be updated or cross-checked for compatibility.
  • Browser based applications can easily be extended to be deployed on internet server which adds the facility to get it accessed from anywhere, anytime.

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