Google Instant Previews

Google always keep something different and unique. Sometime back, Google started Instant Search. Now Google has introduced something called Instant Previews. Searchers and web users can now view a instant “preview” of a site’s content by placing the cursor over the small magnifying glass displayed beside each listing. These previews are large and Google sometimes highlights a major paragraph or quote from each displayed site.

Searchers can get a general look at the layout and design of a site. Although small print and general content of the page can’t be read, but onpage graphics and bold headlines can usually be seen from the preview. This will help searchers to click through to your site if they want to read your information. Searchers will now use this feature to quickly preview and then pick the website they want to read as compared to old days when searchers were clicking on top 10 listings first. Now since preview is right there, searchers can make a choice before clicking and hence can even decide the ones lower down are worth clicking.

This doesn’t really affect any of your SEO strategies and you should be optimizing for the search engines as usual. After all, getting those top rankings for your targeted keywords in the major search engines is what brings in the quality traffic to your site. In this regard, it’s business as usual. This might definitely make some impressions on “click through” your website. You might notice a fall in click traffic to your website.

So what remains the importance for optimization of your website will remain a good question for website owners and SEO executives? Since Instance Previews is new launch, the results has still to be seen. But, one thing is sure – the main concept of optimization i.e ‘content is king’ will still be a winner. Now a little more importance will also move towards the look and feel, appearance of your web pages. Since searchers can preview it before clicking it, efforts should be placed to keep it nice and appealing to give a reason for searchers to click your listing.

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