Google Shocks Webmasters By Updating Toolbar PageRank in Dec 2013

December 6th 2013:
Early this morning, Google pushed out a Google Toolbar PageRank update. This update shocked webmasters because no one was expecting it. With the latest updates going around with Google and updates happening in algorithm (Hummingbird) & Penguin updates, this was not expected in 2013.

As you may remember, the last Toolbar PageRank update was on February 4th i.e about 10 months ago. Also, as per Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam, mentioned sometime back that PageRank update will not be there before 2014.
Today, December 6th, the Google Toolbar PageRank values have been updated.
Lets see what effect does it make and which all websites got impacted with this update. Details still on watch ….


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