Important Google SEO Tips You Must Not Forget

I think you have already found many Google SEO tips and tricks out there which are said to be effective, but I think there are only a few very crucial Google SEO jobs that you must not forget. Here you can find the four most important Google SEO tips you ought to use to search engine optimize your site.

1. Google SEO Tip: Your webpage should have at least five hundred words of content. The longer quality, optmized content you write, the better. It has been proved that longer, keyword optimized contents get higher ranks in Google.

2. Google SEO Tip: The content have to be informative and useful to the visitor. Just think about yourself. Do you usually continue reading anything without value? Informative, valuable contents are loved by Google.

3. Google SEO Tip: The content of your webpage ought to be keyword optimized. The formula is to have keywords inside the density of 2 to 4%. If you use to a lot keywords it could be harmful, if you use fewer your content will not be keyword optimized.

4. Google SEO Tip: Use title tags in your posts. This serves a good focus to your content and the readers will know what they are reading. It is a very important SEO trick. If you use H1, H2 and even H3 tags and you have the keyword in them, your webpage is counted to have better SEO factors.

These are the basic four Google SEO Tips you should follow. No matter if your website has many images and graphics, you should have optimized content under the images so that the search engines can feel it valuable.

Every search engines are for their users. It means they would like to provide their users with what they believe is a website with better and more useful content. It must be in your mind when you search engine optimize your website and content.



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