Improve Visibility, Grab Attention

Email marketing is still a chosen way of generating new leads. Although the delivery rate and click rates matter a lot for better results, its always important to have right content to grab attention for counter action. Unless the content visibility is not appealing, counter action will be left unattended.

See how this can be achieved:

1. Focus your energy on headline
Headline is important as it will determine whether the readers will continue reading it or would simply delete it.

2. Emphasize one main selling position
Keep your message clear & focus on single product selling. Don’t overload & confuse the readers.

3. Define benefits and not the features
Everyone wants to know how will it help them. Customers don’t want to hear the list of features what you have. They wanted to know their benefits.

4. Conversational content
Be personal, intelligent and calm. Don’t over push your stuff. Write it as if a normal conversation is going on about the problems or benefits of your products.

5. Avoid too much colors and caps
Don’t over use mix of colors and capitalize text. And, it also looses its importance when needed.

Its always important to know your target prospect base before sending them any content or referring them to any content. Keep your efforts right and get maximum advantages from the same.


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