Keyword research and targeting correct keywords for your website

Keyword research is the foundation & most integral part for any successful SEO or marketing campaign. Without having a clear understanding of what keywords and audience to target, you are simply wasting precious time and money. So why not put your efforts first to figure out what your related keywords are. And then, finalize your best match target keywords for your website. This will not only save you time, but will definitely help you achieve the best results in long term.

Now the question is; How would you find the real keywords? Its not easy. You can search for keywords research tools on Google and you will find plenty of them. Few of them would be paid and few may be complicated.  One example could be Keyword Discovery Tool. This is a free limited tool and also have paid version. This tool can help you know various combination of related keywords and their searches (based on their data collection strategy). With the result, you can make a smart choice on which can be your target keywords.

Once you have made a list of your related target keywords, experts says, don’t put them all in one go. Reason being, there could be lot of highly competitive keywords which may take longer time (say months or even years). So, along with a long-term plan, make a short-term plan too so that your initial time, money & effort could payoff in early days / months of your SEO internet marketing strategy.

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