Role of Domain and Hosting behind the success of a website

Everybody creates a website with some objectives in mind. You may want to sell products or services, offer information or do anything else. However, all the website owners have one objective in common – that is online visibility; otherwise how people will find them online and how they will get traffic?

The website must have a compelling design, convincing text and do some online marketing to increase traffic and retain visitors. But, all their efforts will become useless if they fail to choose the right domain for their website and the right hosting company.

I would say, people should be very careful about the domain because they can change hosting any time if they want, but they cannot change the domain once it is established. I mean, they can but that will include a lot of hassles.

Domain name has an important role in online marketing and branding. And the hosting service provider influences performance of the website, user behavior and online marketing
efforts as well.

Keywords in Domain: When you start a website and you want it to rank in the search engines for certain search terms, then it will be good to have those search terms in your domain name. So think about the search terms before you buy a domain. If you will be selling garments, try to have the term ‘garment’ in the domain name. It will make your online marketing process a lot easier.

However, if you already have an established brand in the market, then you would definitely like to go with the business or brand name.

TLD: TLD stands for top level domain. This the last part of a domain name followed by the last dot. For example, if I say – then .com is the TLD and if I say, then is the TLD.

Different types of TLD’s are there – regional TLD’s, topic oriented TLD’s etc. You should do some research before you buy your domain. If your target audience are in UK, you should go for, if they are in Singapore go with .sg and if they are in Australia, then go with and so on.

TLD is said to have an impact of local searches. So by choosing the right TLD you can reduce your SEO efforts.

Why Hosting is Important?

These are the factors directly related to the performance of your hosting service provider.

Site Speed: How fast a website opens is a factor both your audience and search engines are bothered about. A slow site is not preferred by the surfers. And if you are trying to make your website rank high in the search engines, then you will have a tough time with a slow site.

Website Uptime: A good web host will help you get highest uptime. If a website that sells products remains down for a minute or two, the business may end up making huge loss. So, choose a good host for less downtime.

Location of your Server: Geographical location of your web server or the host matters when it comes to make your website visible in local search. For example, if a website is hosted in Australia, it will be more visible to people searching for similar websites in Australia.

Thus, think about the domain and hosting you choose. Do your home work, talk to experts and take a wise decision.



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