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Google’s Core Ad Business Declining?

As per Google’s earnings report for the third quarter which was released on Thursday October 16th 2014, analysts are concerned by slowing growth

Deciding on SEO?

Search engine’s result is a means to refer visitors to website and it’s the website content and relevance whch appeals to a reader to continue reading & contact the website owner or exit from the website. So, keep the following important points in mind about your website before you start optimizing website:

The importance of the long-term trending for SEO

You should focus instead on how your site’s rankings are improving over the long-term and looking for results over weeks and months, rather than hours or days.

Google Warning on Guest Posting

Getting guest posts and writing unrelated forum / blog post or comments with the hyperlink back to your website will be considered spam back link if the content is of low quality. This could be good for white-hat SEO technique and the agencies which conducts all manual and sensible SEO activities.

2013 New Year Eve with Google Doodle

Google India marked New Year’s Eve 2013 with an animated doodle on its homepage on Tuesday.

Google Changes Adwords AD Rank Algorithm

With the recent algorithm update, a their component is added to define the ad position, which is Ad Extension. From now on, Ad Extensions will define who’s Ad is to be displayed above the others (whenever two ads are closed winners to be displayed on search result page).

Link Removal for Better SEO Results

Have you got any email / message from Google saying something like ‘We have seen unnatural links to your site’ or ‘We have taken targeted action to some unnatural links to your site’. Or if you have noticed that your website is no more in Google search result. As a result, you may want to clean up your backlinks.

What is SEO & What Min. to Know

High position and visibility of your website in top search results, invariably lead to sites receiving an increase in traffic. 78% of users abandoning their search if the first 3 pages don’t provide an answer. You can target these web traffic visitors to turn them into sales, advertising revenue, reviews, votes, referrals, recommendations or whatever your web page / business intentions are.

The Future of Digital Marketing

What is your focus? Are your ready for the changing business marketing strategies and act before your competitors reach there?

Google Analytics Jargon – Not Set, Not Provided

While analyzing traffic sources and visits, you might have come across various data list with ‘not set’ and ‘not provided’. These are the terms been used by Google Analytics when Google is not able to track the visit coming from which keyword or exposing that information is not in Google’s policy.