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Every website owner who knows a little or more about Search Engine Optimization, talks about Ranking. The first requirement each customer have from SEO company is that, ‘my website should be number one on Google search result’. They ask the same thing for Yahoo, MSN, AOL and many other search engines. Achieving first page or top 5 positions on search engines is an incredible desire for many of the online companies. The most interesting part of this requirement is that, the listing on first page and/or top 5 positions should be immediate.

Is the customer’s requirement justified?
Yes it is. In past we have seen the changing pattern of marketing from door-to-door marketing to online marketing which includes SEO, PPC, E-Mailer, Newsletters etc. This definitely takes less of the budget as compared to recruitment, training etc of sales people. With the analysis, it has been found that 80% online business is through search engines. Today, about 85% web searchers do not go beyond page 1 of search result. So, the need of getting the first page position is justified.

Is it at all possible?
Yes it is possible. But this is not a magic or an overnight activity. It takes time. It can take 3 months to 1 year or even more to get your website listed on first page on a real competitive keyword. Its really important that your website should be listed for your business related keywords rather than some junk keywords. E.g its of no use if a mobile handset selling website get listed on top for ‘mobile datacards’. Get listed also depends on various other parameters and importantly, how good is your website and its content. Remember, all search engines loves fresh, good, real & useful content.

How does SEO companies accomplish it?
SEO Companies improve the website web presence by Search Engine Submissions, Directory Submissions, Articles/Blogs/Classified/Press Release postings and building link popularity. This improves occurances i.e presence of your website on internet. When search engines find publicity of your website on others, your website will start getting more and more ranking on search engines.

What is the effect of SEO on a website?
The website will get lots of traffic i.e lots of visitors will be visiting your website. So you will be able to increase the ‘footfall’ for your website. What next? SEO has brought you leads. Converting these leads to sales is all depends on how good is your website, your products and your services. With SEO, if you are generating leads, you have already done half sale especially in light of the current economy.

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