So, you starting a new online business? Go Ahead

With the changing times and technology improvements, young people are taking steps ahead to not opt for jobs and wanting to do something of their own. They are smart enough that they look around; and their first or next business idea is around problems they have faced or their families have faced for their friends going through. That means, one of the important point of starting a business “Problem you are solving”; has already been diagnosed. So, Go Ahead…….

What next? Talk to any business coach about what it takes to start up an online business and you will get a list of recommendations and suggestion. This includes Business Plan, Company registration, Warehouse/factory setup, Test your market, etc etc.

First thing first, Business Plan. Pick any book off the shelf or consult traditional business coaches. First thing they suggest is writing business plan. The traditional version of 20 page document with 3-5 years projections is always a non-interesting area for an early entrepreneur. Although there are businesses those have started without even writing their business plan until 3 years of their startup. Having said that doesn’t mean that business plan is not important. For early startups, here are the recommendations:

  • Write One Page Business Plan (OPBP)
  • Define a first go-live MVP (minimum viable product) stage
  • Define some future time (say 6 months) to re-visit your OPBP

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