UI vs UX – What’s important for an automation application / system?

The ‘UI’ is the design view which means ‘User Interface’. That’s the first view what users sees. This refers to, how all the interactive elements are placed on the screen on which the user is suppose to work. This can be really important to give user a reason to give it a go to try working on the screen. But, is it all what you want for an application?

The ‘UX’ is the interface side which means ‘User Experience’. That’s the human side of the application. This refers to, how all the interactive elements of the screen interact / operate when a user is working. What kind of experience an user receives while operating the application makes the user to continue working on the screen or exit.





A good looking car may not be value if it doesn’t give the experience, efficiency and performance result.

A good looking system might be nice to have, but if its functionalities are inoperable, not-straightforward and force multiple alternative actions, it leaves the user confused and the purpose of building the application is defeated.


For a great application to be successfully adapted by the users and entire organization, both UI and UX are necessary. They both have to work together. But for an organization automation application point of view, UX is more crucial to be working right to let users feel motivated to use the system.


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