Which Type of Social User Are You?

Social media is a big discussion point today only only for students and friends but also with businesses. With growing examples of benefits of social media, business have turned to social media for their business promotion, publicity and building up their brand value to target more and more prospect for easy sales. But that’s not a cake-walk. There is little more involved to it. Do you know that mainly, there are 3 main types of social media users?

1) Casual User:
This is the person who uses social media for fun, sharing photos and videos with others. This is the majority on social media network.

2) Intermittent Business User:
As a business person, they have heard about social media marketing and hence created a Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. Started posting their tweets / statutes. Tried different statements with a thought that they will get enquiries (as if the whole world was just waiting for your advises and no one else falls in your competition). But then stops after a bit because it
takes up too much time – and is not giving any lead.

3) Focused SM User:
Make up a plan, a strategy and follow it. Analyses happenings around his post and set up next plan / strategy that works to bring in leads and positive business reviews. These are the businesses/users who will get more number of Likes, Followers and Connections. They know, they need to stay there for a while to start getting some benefits out of it.


Remember: Social media is not a magic stick that you can switch on to start getting leads. Its also a marketing technique & a part of your bigger marketing strategy focusing towards longer goal.


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