Building A Successful Web Market

In today’s world, every company has got the website. Doesn’t matter if the website is an interactive one or simply has few static webpages. Is it a 5 page website or an E-commerce Web Portal. In any case, you can turn your website to be a marketing tool to increase the visitors to your business. If your website can hold the visitors to read the content or products on your website, you can turn them into your prospect buyer. Does that sound exciting? Yes, you can do that if you follow few steps:

1. Natigation
Remember to pay special attention to your navigational structure. If visitors can’t navigate your website or feel lost when doing so, your website will be a waste of time. Keep the navigation simple. To make website SEO friendly, make sure your navigation is text based.

2. Web Technologies
When considering which technology to be used to develop your website, think web supportive & SEO friendly technology. Make sure the technology you use, such as ASP, PHP, HTML, CSS, will be useful for the next few years.

3. Content Management System Driven Websites
Database driven website are the easiest to maintain through the use of a content management system. While you choose any of pre-made CMS solution or build a new CMS solution, make sure the CMS system is SEO friendly. SEO friendly CMS system will help to handle SEO META Tags, real URLs, query strings with URLs etc which are evaluated by search engines to rank your website.

4. Website Optimization / SEO Compaliant Website
You need to ensure that your website has SEO friendly webpages. Major search engine like Google has made the webpage guidlines which you can consult. Or if you are getting the website build from professionalss, they would know this stuff very well. Generally when people are trying to make their website SEO compliant, they think in a very broad sense. You want your website to encompass as much traffic as possible, so being general might persuade some. Most of the time it’s not true. Trying to keep a focused topic is the key and importantly when your site is based on a local service or product.

5. Promote your website
Register your site with the major search engines such as Google and Yahoo. You can also go for “Pay per Click” advertising with the major search engines. Send out seme newsletter emails to prospective customers to let them know of your presence. All this will improve the traffic to your website. Not sure if your website needs SEO?

6. Maintain your website
As a long term step, you should continue updating your website with related information. Website visitors & search engines loves the website which provide updated content on regular basis.

Happy Business Marketing!!!

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