What Cost is involved for a WordPress Website?

Everyone knows WordPress is free and is a good tool to build a blog or a website. Lots of free & paid Themes, Plugin and Widgets make it really interested and useful to choose WordPress as a ready made tool to renovate or build your next website. So there is no cost to it. But, installing WordPress, choosing a theme and plugin is not all. Its just a beginning, check out how.

True Cost for a WordPress Website

Actual cost involvement:

  1. Upgrade: WordPress has a nice ‘Upgrade’ button but it goes expensive when you need to hire  someone to fix your website if something goes wrong during upgrade.
  2. Your choice of Theme, Widget and Plugin may not support the newer version of WordPress which would mean hiring original authors of those theme/plugin/widget or an outside resource.
  3. Security: being an OpenSource and free tool, its vulnerable to infections. Ongoing monitoring is very much required which adds a significant cost.
  4. Customization: Making custom changes becomes expensive specially when changes are required with plugins / widgets

If you wish to do WordPress implementation & maintenance yourself, it’s important to learn few technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL before making any editing in WordPress. Or, hire a WordPress resource to fix issues on your website.


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