Archives: November 2012

Manage Leads to Close Deals

Lead Nurturing is a process which every marketer use to build relationships with their prospects even when they are not yet ready to buy; in order to win their business whenever they are ready. This involves keeping in touch with such prospects via emails, phone calls etc to keep them updated with related contents, offers, communications etc.

Which Type of Social User Are You?

Social media is a big discussion point today only only for students and friends but also with businesses. With growing examples of benefits of social media, business have turned to social media for their business promotion, publicity and building up their brand value to target more and more prospect for easy sales. But that’s not [...]

Online marketing components to work in your favour

Marketing can be easily defined as: Online & Offline. Coming straight to Online Marketing, its a best tool to create an online buzz and for longer duration provided businesses keep its concentrated and utilizing it completely. Few tools / components which should be in your action list: 1. Email marketing with Social appearance: Email marketing [...]