Archives: August 2009

Search Engine Optimization Startup

Every website owner who knows a little or more about Search Engine Optimization, talks about Ranking. The first requirement each customer have from SEO company is that, ‘my website should be number one on Google search result’. They ask the same thing for Yahoo, MSN, AOL and many other search engines. Achieving first page or [...]

Create Webpages And Not Just The Websites

In today’s world, every company has got the website. If are starting a new business, you might be thinking of building your company website. Before creating your website, think about the reasons why you want created a website and what you can achieve with your website. Is it just to have one because your friend [...]

Why Your Business Website Need SEO?

Ever searched for your business / product related word in search engine like,, Did you find your website listed in the search results? Did you find your website on first page of the search results? If no, you seriously need Search Engine Optimization of your website. According to our research, 68% of [...]

Building A Successful Web Market

In today’s world, every company has got the website. Doesn’t matter if the website is an interactive one or simply has few static webpages. Is it a 5 page website or an E-commerce Web Portal. In any case, you can turn your website to be a marketing tool to increase the visitors to your business. [...]

Static Website Vs Dynamic Website

While creating a website there are mainly two approaches used-static and dynamic. Static means that the information which is used for making website does not changes, depending on input being entered by the user. Static web page works like a printed document that is to be referred on the internet. Static pages send exactly the [...]

Link Popularity-Your Need To Enhance Your Online Business

Link popularity is the total number of websites that link to your website. Major search engines support “link:” operator. “link:” (without the quotation marks) is typed in front of the URL about which you want to find the number of websites linked. Once you enter this information total count of websites linked to the website [...]