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UI vs UX – What’s important for an automation application / system?

The ‘UI’ is the design view which means ‘User Interface’. That’s the first view what users sees. This refers to, how all the interactive elements are placed on the screen on which the user is suppose to work. This can be really important to give user a reason to give it a go to try [...]

Releasing Useful Software

Rapid changes in technology world than any other industry and raised the expectations and keeping a lot of pressure to move quickly, upgrade the solution, early releases in order to beat the competition to a solution. This can very well be achieved with a focused continuous customer feedback looping, narrowing down to minimal viable product and a systematic approach of building another successful solution for years.

WePay API Re-launched

On January 8, 2014 WePay launched a new version of the WePay API – version 2014-01-08, giving apps 180 days to migrate.

2013 New Year Eve with Google Doodle

Google India marked New Year’s Eve 2013 with an animated doodle on its homepage on Tuesday.

What Does It Cost To Build Next Hot Startup?

Building a simple MVP version of your technology idea and testing the water with early / beta users for the readiness to pay for product / service you are building with the bigger vision to scale-up, expand, evolve and feature roll-outs based on customer feedback and experimentation – will definitely help building the next hottest startup establishment.

CRM For Real-Estate Company – CaseStudy

Every real estate company constructs properties whether commercial / residential and performs all kind of marketing investments to sell those property units. Channel partners, brokers, individuals and media is working for the publicity of their projects to get more & more no. of inquiries. With prospects across the world, inquiring for these projects and infact multiple projects, it’s always a challenge to follow-up and servicing these prospects for maximum possible sale with min expense. Further, nurturing marketing also takes more cost to up-sell other projects.

Kids Quiz – Developed for Educational Purpose

Phone based interactive game for kids to work on their mathematics with quiz questions. The application will be helping kids to exercise additions, subtraction, multiplication and division with random questions. To encourage kids to play such games, we have added some voice segment to it for every correct answer.

Challenge for a Real-estate Company

Now, anyone in the organization can take it further with the prospect to close the deal and provide their services. The system eliminates the inefficiencies inherent in using multiple spreadsheets and manual processes involved in tracking and managing prospects by creating one secure, central solution.

Reasons why Lead Management should be in your 2013 plan

Only 5% of leads close quickly but 40-50% of leads will eventually. Having a standardized sales process that can be enacted, monitored, nurturing, follow-ups with past leads and refine it based on proven results makes the difference of closing more deals.

Cloud Based Solutions – Cost effectiveness

All businesses have always experienced the benefit of automation in their organization and building system driven procedures. So far organizations have been focusing on deploying any such software in-house and taking the pains of maintaining & upgrading the same. And procuring such software has always been expensive and so hard to make quick decision. What [...]