How We Got Ecommerce Website Listed on Google Search Results in Just 3 Months

When you talk about ‘Ecommerce’, you are talking about selling of goods and services online, using the internet as a medium of exchange. It involves the use of website and / mobile apps to enable prospective buyers search and see your products and then, buy them online. Ecommerce has created new opportunities for businesses to reach [...]

App-only plan backfires for Myntra etc

Fashion retailer Myntra, which became the first web-based e-commerce firm to go app-only , has taken a step back. It is rolling out a mobile website, which is currently in pilot stage. The move may have been fuelled by its app-only strategy backfiring and the retailer losing traffic and sales post the development. Myntra’s parent, [...]

What Cost is involved for a WordPress Website?

If you wish to do WordPress implementation & maintenance yourself, it’s important to learn few technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL before making any editing in WordPress. Or, hire a WordPress resource to fix issues on your website.

2014: Good SEO Still Works

The key to SEO success is to focus on quality which includes quality content optimization and quality relationships with the page keywords! With quality on your website, both searchers and the Google algorithms will favour your website and help your visibility.

Google’s Core Ad Business Declining?

As per Google’s earnings report for the third quarter which was released on Thursday October 16th 2014, analysts are concerned by slowing growth

Magento Go is Shutting Down on February 1, 2015

E-commerce platform Magento, owned by eBay’s Enterprise division, is closing down two of its products: Magento Go and ProStores.

Deciding on SEO?

Search engine’s result is a means to refer visitors to website and it’s the website content and relevance whch appeals to a reader to continue reading & contact the website owner or exit from the website. So, keep the following important points in mind about your website before you start optimizing website:

The importance of the long-term trending for SEO

You should focus instead on how your site’s rankings are improving over the long-term and looking for results over weeks and months, rather than hours or days.

WePay API Re-launched

On January 8, 2014 WePay launched a new version of the WePay API – version 2014-01-08, giving apps 180 days to migrate.

Google Warning on Guest Posting

Getting guest posts and writing unrelated forum / blog post or comments with the hyperlink back to your website will be considered spam back link if the content is of low quality. This could be good for white-hat SEO technique and the agencies which conducts all manual and sensible SEO activities.