Archives: January 2014

Google Warning on Guest Posting

Getting guest posts and writing unrelated forum / blog post or comments with the hyperlink back to your website will be considered spam back link if the content is of low quality. This could be good for white-hat SEO technique and the agencies which conducts all manual and sensible SEO activities.

Improve Visibility, Grab Attention

Email marketing is still a chosen way of generating new leads. Although the delivery rate and click rates matter a lot for better results, its always important to have right content to grab attention for counter action. Unless the content visibility is not appealing, counter action will be left unattended.

Fighting Spam for Google Result Position

Along with performing SEO services, its equally important to keep a check on such spam links and prepare a strategy to get those removed. If Google has penalyzed a website, it may not be visible in search result or would have been rated low. Unless these spam issues get resolved for your website, Google will not accept your reconsideration request and your website rank can’t get improved.