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How We Got Ecommerce Website Listed on Google Search Results in Just 3 Months

When you talk about ‘Ecommerce’, you are talking about selling of goods and services online, using the internet as a medium of exchange. It involves the use of website and / mobile apps to enable prospective buyers search and see your products and then, buy them online. Ecommerce has created new opportunities for businesses to reach [...]

UI vs UX – What’s important for an automation application / system?

The ‘UI’ is the design view which means ‘User Interface’. That’s the first view what users sees. This refers to, how all the interactive elements are placed on the screen on which the user is suppose to work. This can be really important to give user a reason to give it a go to try [...]

App-only plan backfires for Myntra etc

Fashion retailer Myntra, which became the first web-based e-commerce firm to go app-only , has taken a step back. It is rolling out a mobile website, which is currently in pilot stage. The move may have been fuelled by its app-only strategy backfiring and the retailer losing traffic and sales post the development. Myntra’s parent, [...]

What Cost is involved for a WordPress Website?

If you wish to do WordPress implementation & maintenance yourself, it’s important to learn few technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL before making any editing in WordPress. Or, hire a WordPress resource to fix issues on your website.

Magento Go is Shutting Down on February 1, 2015

E-commerce platform Magento, owned by eBay’s Enterprise division, is closing down two of its products: Magento Go and ProStores.

Releasing Useful Software

Rapid changes in technology world than any other industry and raised the expectations and keeping a lot of pressure to move quickly, upgrade the solution, early releases in order to beat the competition to a solution. This can very well be achieved with a focused continuous customer feedback looping, narrowing down to minimal viable product and a systematic approach of building another successful solution for years.

WePay API Re-launched

On January 8, 2014 WePay launched a new version of the WePay API – version 2014-01-08, giving apps 180 days to migrate.

Fighting Spam for Google Result Position

Along with performing SEO services, its equally important to keep a check on such spam links and prepare a strategy to get those removed. If Google has penalyzed a website, it may not be visible in search result or would have been rated low. Unless these spam issues get resolved for your website, Google will not accept your reconsideration request and your website rank can’t get improved.

2013 New Year Eve with Google Doodle

Google India marked New Year’s Eve 2013 with an animated doodle on its homepage on Tuesday.

Google Shocks Webmasters By Updating Toolbar PageRank in Dec 2013

Today, December 6th, the Google Toolbar PageRank values have been updated.
Lets see what effect does it make and which all websites got impacted with this update. Details still on watch ….