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CRM For Real-Estate Company – CaseStudy

Every real estate company constructs properties whether commercial / residential and performs all kind of marketing investments to sell those property units. Channel partners, brokers, individuals and media is working for the publicity of their projects to get more & more no. of inquiries. With prospects across the world, inquiring for these projects and infact multiple projects, it’s always a challenge to follow-up and servicing these prospects for maximum possible sale with min expense. Further, nurturing marketing also takes more cost to up-sell other projects.

Challenge for a Real-estate Company

Now, anyone in the organization can take it further with the prospect to close the deal and provide their services. The system eliminates the inefficiencies inherent in using multiple spreadsheets and manual processes involved in tracking and managing prospects by creating one secure, central solution.

Traditional Phone/E-mail Based Project Execution

Successful completion of a project depends upon how well its had been understood and executed.

Unseen / Unknown Scope Does makes a software development project to fail?

Based on studies, it’s found that – 62% of organizations have experienced with failures in their software development projects. These numbers become really very important and eye openers because one project is mostly linked with atleast two organizations. Hence, one failure always impact min. two organizations or teams for their waste of time, efforts, energy, [...]

Web Design Tips for Optimizing Code Order for SEO

When working with web design and search engine optimization (SEO) , order matters. What your visitors see on the web page and what is going on behind the scenes in the source code, matter to search engines and can affect your web page’s ranking. The main body content is the place where you’ll usually have [...]

Custom Process Automation Solutions

An added advantage of automating internal processes is that, the organization will end up maintaining data properly by the custom application itself. This data can be used to prepare daily reports and analysis reports in a long run.

Browser based softwares

Browser based applications once installed on a computer can be shared and executed from other computers on the network without any installation. They can easily be extended to be deployed on internet server which adds the facility to get it accessed from anywhere, anytime.

Building A Successful Web Market

In today’s world, every company has got the website. Doesn’t matter if the website is an interactive one or simply has few static webpages. Is it a 5 page website or an E-commerce Web Portal. In any case, you can turn your website to be a marketing tool to increase the visitors to your business. [...]

Static Website Vs Dynamic Website

While creating a website there are mainly two approaches used-static and dynamic. Static means that the information which is used for making website does not changes, depending on input being entered by the user. Static web page works like a printed document that is to be referred on the internet. Static pages send exactly the [...]