Traditional Phone/E-mail Based Project Execution

Companies still follow the same old traditional ways of project executions i.e. defining requirements over the phone and e-mail communications. There is no harm in doing that. But, after every phone/e-mail discussions, do you summaries every feature description? Does these conversations are maintained somewhere with feature categorization?

With all that happened in definition generation, are you confused, where your software / solution project or campaign is going?

  • Are you not aware on what your developers are working today or in next 7days?
    With our system of development projects, you will always be updated with what’s going on with your project & features.
  • Does your programming team goes off for days, weeks or months and finally you get what you have not expected?
    Once you have passed on your envision & speculations, our team & work – both are on-track to eliminate any chances of discrepancies in expectations & results.
  • Do you pay more on reworks, fixing bugs or end up with failed project?
    Our agile procedure based team, always keeps in-sync with our customers to make sure we do not development any unwanted feature & so we are proud of zero (0) incomplete projects.
  • Are you getting regular updates “I’m working” but no output from your link builder?
    Don’t rely on “I’m working” anymore and getting all kind for reasons & excuses at the end. Get regular update and a proper weekly output report from our link building team.


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