CRM solution is a no-compromise

Every organization needs CRM Solution. Why? Because everyone needs to manage company’s interactions with customer, prospects, clients and associates. CRM Solution can help an organization to use technology better to help them organize, automate & synchronize their business processes and keep stake-holders updated.

So what’s the problem, why companies don’t implement it? or if implemented once, had dropped it? or not using it properly to help their organization?

The answer is: Usability, Customizability, Expandability, Non-working of ready-made solution the way company works.

That’s exactly what happens. When companies have decided that yes they are in need of CRM Solution to help their business grow, to handle their pains of growth – they start looking for a out-of-box CRM Solution. After lots of demos from different companies, dry-running of some of them, finally decision-maker decides to buy one. Solution got implemented in the organization and everything looks great. Management are hoping to see management-angled reports and proper tracking of lead/sales cases, interactions, funnel etc. But that doesn’t happen. The team is putting in data, they are not updating information, they are writing their interactions regularly. And, when the information is not updated regularly, the dependency on a solution starts shaking. Finally, slowly & slowly, the solution dies in an organization.

What could have saved this to happen? 

  • Get your real users, team members to get the solution designed in a way your team works.
  • Do not try to become a big idealistic company to follow ideal process flow.
  • Do not try to follow a process showcased from a sales person.
  • Do not try to enforce the process of ready-made software on your team and expect them to switch over in no-time.
After all, you want growth of your team, of your company and that’s why you had putin so much of your time & efforts in screening various solutions. Don’t compromise on implementation of CRM Solution for your organization.
Remember, customer relationship (the core of CRM) is the back-bone of every organization & yours too!



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