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Keyword research and targeting correct keywords for your website

There could be a lot of highly competitive keywords which may take longer time (say months or even years). So, along with long-term plan, make a short-term plan too so that your initial time, money & effort could payoff in early days / months of your SEO internet marketing strategy.

Google launched Disavow Links tool

Google has launched a new and widely anticipated “disavow links” tool. The tool was announced by the head of Google’s web spam team Matt Cutts, when speaking during a keynote at the Pubcon conference. The tool is live and can be found here. It has been already tested by some selected SEOs already for the past few weeks. Disavowing Links Cutts [...]

SEO is no longer just link building. Is it dead?

Remember, continuing the same strategy can push your website from #1 to #2000 or may be out of search result totally (i.e website might get dropped by Google).

What do you need for your new startup idea?

With this, you will have the clarity for depth of your technology idea and its worth. Now, you will be in a better state to decide if you want to go ahead with this idea or want to make some tweaks with it before touching upon the market. This activity will definitely take some time but once done properly; you will be assured that you are going in a right direction, its worth it, there is a demand and most importantly, you will be motivated during the struggle period of bringing it to the market.