Google Panda Refresh On August 19th 2012

Google has confirmed they have pushed out a Panda refresh this past Monday.

Google Panda 3.9.1 Update on 22 August 2012

This updated affected less than 1% of search queries and is a “minor” Panda refresh. We emailed Google, after hearing speculation of a Panda update and Google confirmed it by tweeting it.

Google has said the Panda updates will be smoother and more consistent going forward, unlike the Penguin update, which will be more jolting.

This is the first known Panda-related tweak we’ve seen from Google in August. In June, Google incorporated new data into the algorithm, and launched two data refreshes. In July, Panda was launched on and Additionally, Panda data was updated again.

Keep in mind that this latest adjustment was just a data refresh. These tend to have a much smaller impact on results than actual updates. For more on the difference between an update and a data refresh, refer to what Google’s Matt Cutts has said on the matter.

Every month with minor panda updates, Google has almost effected several search queries. So now it is hard to grow ranking without quality content.


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