It’s been 2 Years for Impact of Google Panda Update

In the past 2 years, Google has made lots of changes to its algorithm. And one of those major changes was named as ‘Panda’ which was launched on Feb 24, 2011. Since its inception, whenever there is a Panda algorithm update, there is always an impact on existing great sites been losing their reputation on or totally gone out of Google search results. In the last two years, Google Panda had created an enormous impact on entire SEO and internet marketing industry.

This impact has been so severe with some websites whose main business or existence was internet & search engine traffic, that they had to change their website names or change their business models. Here are some impacts:

Impact on
In April 2011 (just in 2 months of Panda launch), it was mentioned by Janet Robinson, president and CEO, “About also experienced a moderately negative impact on page views from the algorithm changes Google implemented in the quarter”. As per, In August 2012 (about 16 months later), Times Co sold for $300 million which was bought for $410 million in 2005. also mentions “But took a big hit after Google Inc (GOOG.O) overhauled its search algorithm in an effort to return high-quality results. Times Co wrote down the value of by $195 million last month.”

Little about Google Panda
The Panda update was designed to promote higher quality content from sites in Google’s search results. Victims of the update strived to recover from the huge drop in search visibility suffered as a result from these updates, by following some strategies and plans going forward. The barrier which every website owner faces is creating new, unique, quality content and understands / adheres to algorithm updates which happen regularly. Even today, Google is making more advanced changes to its Panda algorithm.

So keep yourself updated and keep making updates to your website too. Rest your SEO expert team / consultant will help you understand what you can do.


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