Generating business from your website

Do you already have a website? How long its been that you have a website? Are you getting business from your website?

Long back you have heard that these days people are doing / getting business from their website. Everyone has been talking about website and web presence of your business to increase your business. And with the same thought, you have got your website done with all the efforts and time devotion. But now, it seems that people were joking as you are not getting any enquiry coming in from the website.

Its one of the most common misconception that “once I have my own website on internet, I will generate enquiries & business for my company”. That doesn’t work always.

To understand it better, in traditional marketing, we do brochures, leaflets, profiles, fliers, corporate gifts etc printed with a great designing, great quality, great material & good investment. But, what if we keep all that stuff in our office? What if we do not distribute it to our prospective customers? What if this print material has not been out in the market? Which means, nobody will get to know about your business, your profile, what you do and what quality product / services you sell?

Website is no different. Everyday there are millions of website being put on the internet around the world. With the fact of huge number of websites already there & new ones adding up, there is no way people will find your website importantly when your website is new. So what can you do? Its Web Marketing often known as Internet Marketing. Important things you need to do:

• Check your website’s compatibility with Search Engines.
• Market your website – promote your website.
• Submit your website with Search Engines.
• On-Page optimization of your website.
• Off-Page optimization of your website.

Performing these actions regularly will help your website getting ranked highly with search engines and will bring in your website to be listed in Top 10s in search engine results for the keywords your prospective buyer is looking for.

About The Author

This article was contributed by Sameer Varshney of Kenovate Solutions. Sameer Varshney is a CEO & CTO at Kenovate Solutions, a web solutions & SEO company based in New Delhi, India. Sameer has been involved with web solutions & promotions since 2003 and is an expert in the development of both B2B and B2C web applications including online social networks, marketplaces, collaborative portals, automation and e-commerce solutions. By leveraging the Agile Project Management methodologies, he is able to bring applications like ERP, CRM, Call Center management, financial systems, healthcare system solutions etc to market quickly and cost-effectively while ensuring the highest levels of quality, operability, performance and scalability.