Google Analytics Jargon – Not Set, Not Provided

If you have been focusing on internet marketing of your website, I’m sure you would be aware of Google Analytics. It’s a tool to help you track the traffic coming to your website and analyze your visitors and also from geo-locations.

While analyzing traffic sources and visits, you might have come across various data list with ‘not set’ and ‘not provided’. These are the terms been used by Google Analytics when Google is not able to track the visit coming from which keyword or exposing that information is not in Google’s policy.

Google Analytics in SEO StrategyWhat does ‘not set’ means in Google Analytics?
“Not set” appears in the traffic sources section of Google Analytics and it means that the visitor did not enter your website through a keyword; they came from a referral site. This referral can be from your ad campaigns running on Google Adwords or others.

What does “not provided” mean in Google Analytics?
“Not provided,” also appears in the traffic sources section. “Not provided” means that the person who visited your website was logged into Google at the time of their search or their visit. And since, Google’s new privacy policy do not let expose privacy / private information, such keywords do not get tracked. So you won’t get to know the keywords by which you got the visitor on your website.

For any marketing agency, to promote your website, tracking keywords and source of visits is very important. This is also required to track results of their efforts and plan for their further SEO Strategy. Although, this information is not available but other co-related information like bounce rate, average time on website etc are still there to help.

Also, Google has extra features to use utm_source, utm_medium & utm_campaign to be used in your email marketing, ad marketing, referral, partner etc program to help you track the visitors and know where are they coming from.

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