Google Zeitgeist 2011 highlights key trends

Google has released a list of top searched terms on Google search engine to indicate the trend of internet users and the thought for marketers.

Google has revealed ‘Google Zeitgeist 2011’, a list of most searched topics, celebrities, news stories, brands and products. Year on year, this list has been a proof matrix for the internet viewers and changing trends. This gives an insight of what people are interested and demonstrated the importance of Search Engine Optimization strategies.

An interview / discussion was conducted by CNBC Awaaz on Google Zeitgeist 2011 with model Ms. Poonam Pandey and Vinay Goel of Google India. Although discussion reveals that the content is king but Mr. Vinay Goel of Google India also mentions about Search Engine Optimization. Ms. Poonam Pandey being on the list this year in top 10 celebrities was able to get that position due to her online activities, promoting her online presence along with her offline media.

Top of the list was online singing sensation Rebecca Black, who was the number one fastest rising query globally. Number two worldwide was Google+, the search engine giant’s new social networking platform launched this year. “In June 2011, Google entered the social networking space with the launch of Google. In the three weeks following its announcement, Google+ amassed a user base of more than ten million people,” the Zeitgeist site explains.

“Google+ became a hit in South Asia, with even people like the Dalai Lama and Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan creating accounts.”

Brands and products were also very prominent in Google Zeitgeist 2011. The number two search term was iPhone 5, the smartphone that never was. Instead, Apple released the iPhone 4S. The iPad 2 was fifth, giving Apple a unique position in the chart with two entries.

Building up a website, portal, an online presence and expecting revenue from it doesn’t work in real time. Today, that’s the basic understanding of a startup, thinking of building up a portal. For revenue, you need traffic, visitors, poeple on to your website. This can only happen if you are already a celebrity or create your bathroom videos (as said by model Ms. Poonam Pandey) or this can be achieved only with web promotion, internet marketing and SEO.

Search engine optimization is a process of web promotion which helps to bring your website ranked higher on the search engine results and hence to get that listed at top positions for particular keywords. That’s how, we can help your website / portal to get more and more visitors and hence the business & revenue.


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