Strategic Link Building Process For Effective Results

Running a website can be a lot of fun, right up until you have it live and start to realize you are not getting any traffic. Our link building service is a key ingredient to help speed up that process of getting more traffic to your website. Link Building is the process by which you get incoming links to a website. Building links is not an easy task when you are talking about quality. It takes time, and a lot of effort. Every time a process of link building starts, it’s referred as ‘Link Campaign’. We follow four step technique for right results from every Link Building Campaign:

Project Analysis
This is the first step of our campaign process. This is a very vital part of whole link building process. If this step is done wrong, you will get half of the targeted results. In this process, we:

· Evaluate your website

· Current position with search engines

· Current inbound links

· Category / theme of your website

· Competition websites

Research & Pre-Planning
This step of our process let our experts to define the parameters required for an effective link building campaign of your website. Research will be done on Keywords, Anchor Text, Alt Text etc to better understand the target keyword phrases. Based on research, planning will be done and parameters will be defined. These parameters include: Anchor text, Link Text, Link Description & Link URL.

Link Development
Now the real work starts. The third step of our strategic link building process puts the real link building work in action. Based on results from our step 2 i.e. “Research & Pre-Planning”, our link builder team experts creates the one-way backlinks. These links are created by contacting webmasters / owners of themed websites so they are 100% manual and SEO compliant.

We hate keeping our customers in dark and delaying the communications. For every link campaign, we keep a track of new links been created. Based on these confirmed links, we compile a weekly report for our customers. So our customers know how many links were done in last week and what those incoming linkbacks are.

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