Traditional Marketing / Outbound Marketing

In old days, businesses have chosen the approach to send out their messages to the audience. Businesses have used all the means like print media, TV advertisements, radio etc to reach audience. Their sales & revenue was totally been dependent upon these marketing tools and also most expensive mode of marketing and reaching out to the prospects. Since businesses are trying to push their product / services information has also been referred as ‘Push Marketing’.

With the development of IT infrastructures and awareness & usage of domains & emails, businesses started with sending out email blasts, email offers etc. This strategy of marketing is referred as ‘Email Marketing’. In order to increase the know-how of their presence, companies started sending regular emailer – few were sent every week and few chosen to send on monthly basis terming that like a ‘newsletter’.

There is nothing wrong in these traditional versions of marketing to reach your audience, hence to find your prospects and giving an option to people to approach you for your product / services. But slowly, since people have busy with their own daily schedules, they have started opting out from your email blasts and cold-calling phone calls all thanks to tools like email spam-blockers, TIVO/DVR and caller ID. People now have more control over how they consume media and what message they care to hear.

Although the traditional marketing tools of sending outbound messages still works good but more has to be done more efficiently, but what? Today, in this IT expansion and the world of online stuff, consumers have become more smart and want to find & compare information on their own – and hence the need of ‘Inbound Marketing’.

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