How to get more customers from PPC

Ever want “have more customers – without spending”? I guess thats the thing everyone wants. Everyone is looking and searching on Google to find out ways to get more and more no. of visitors, prospects, leads and importantly turning them into customers – without spending.

Did you found any mechanism to get more customers without spending? I am sure that you won’t find any such recipe. Whether its less or more, you need to spend some money to create your visibility and market your products / services.

PPC (Pay Per Click) can be a good way to get your services highlighted and draw atttention of your prospects for the services they are looking for. PPC is a method of creating Ads of your products and services and map them against your targeted keywords. This will result in displaying your Ads in search engine result pages whenever a prospect is searching for the keywords matching to your keywords.

PPC can be a effective way of marketing and reaching to your prospect buyers with less & full-controlled investment. But, this can also result in an expensive & no result investment if Ads & keywords are not managed & targeted properly. Wrong matches can result you in spending more money with no or less results. Following are important to handle your PPC’s effectively:

  • Research your keywords
  • Invest in keywords that would trun into profits i.e.  bid on keywords that are already getting searched on.
  • Decide if you have some Negative keywords & if so, put them in avoid list of keywords. This will keep your budget on track.
  • Create specific Ad for specific list of keyword. Do not try to create generic Ads and mapping them will a long list of keywords. This will only burn your budget without giving you any real customer.
  • …. And the most important, relook at your past keyword & Ad performances. Past impressions, clicks & enquires performances will be really handy for you to decide – which keywords are performing and with are not, which Ad is performing and which are not, are you using wrong keyword combinations etc.


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  1. Jeff Lutcza Says on February 18, 2012

    You’re right, there is no “free lunch” when it comes to business’s efforts to get more customers online. Organic search engine ranking is not free unless you are extremely lucky and targeting keywords no one is searching for. If you want to get found online for a search term that is reasonably competitive it will take enormous effort on your part or you will have to hire someone to do it for you. Since time is money, even if you do it yourself it is costing you.


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