Sales & Marketing Plan: Who Are Your Customers?

I often ask startups professionals or early-stage business professions, a very basic questions, “Who are your customer?”. The quick answer to this question has mostly been surprising. The answer starts with “aaa…. a…. you know….” and its surprising to find that people have thought of building a business / enterpreneurship but either don’t know who will buy their product/services or they assume ‘everyone’. Its important to know the answer to this question because going forward, all your marketing efforts and strategy plans will have to be customer oriented. You need to think / interview similar customers to understand their real requirements for your service / product improvements.

Startups should know, who are your real customers
In today’s time, you need to work on building your products / services which are NOT FOR ALL but are focused on a segment / type of customers. Do not try to be ‘for all’, try to become ‘a specialist’ for your startup business. In future, you may target in adding other types of customers for your services.

Once you have decided who are your customers based on your analysis, do not rely totally on it. You need to validate your research, your analysis, your decision of your target customers. To do that, prepare a questionaire of 2 – 5 questions for the problems you are resolving with your product / services. Now, you need to perform few interviews with your prospect buyers (customers). During the process of prospect interview, you will get the idea of customers requirements and whether your products/services are a match for such customers.

If you have done this process successfully, you will be 100% confident for the business you are creating to sell your product / services and now, you know “Who Are Your Customers” very well!

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