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What is SEO & What Min. to Know

High position and visibility of your website in top search results, invariably lead to sites receiving an increase in traffic. 78% of users abandoning their search if the first 3 pages don’t provide an answer. You can target these web traffic visitors to turn them into sales, advertising revenue, reviews, votes, referrals, recommendations or whatever your web page / business intentions are.

The Future of Digital Marketing

What is your focus? Are your ready for the changing business marketing strategies and act before your competitors reach there?

Google Analytics Jargon – Not Set, Not Provided

While analyzing traffic sources and visits, you might have come across various data list with ‘not set’ and ‘not provided’. These are the terms been used by Google Analytics when Google is not able to track the visit coming from which keyword or exposing that information is not in Google’s policy.

Directory Submission Service at affordable price with 10% discount

Online directories are also good for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, MSN etc. These search engines have programs written to access information from these internet directories to find business, products and services and your websites. It’s easy for these search engines to know your website URLs. Directory submissions are a must for a newly launched website as it helps the website to bring more visibility to internet searchers and search engines too. This helps the website in gaining good online popularity and visibility.

Countdown starts to Exciting SEO Packages – 1 Month Free

Do you know that 51 Million websites got added during the year 2012. Over 100 million .com domains at the end of 2012. And your website is one of them. 2.4 Billion internet users worldwide. So what if you have just launched your website? Your competition today is much higher than it used to be 5 years back.

It’s important to analyze the market and implement SEO strategies in order to maximize the online visibility of a website.

Brand Building Opportunities Unlimited

In the digital world, your budget is driven by your strategies & cleverness of your planning and execution. Spending $1000 a month can also do a great job if spent thoughtfully with expertise. And if not planned, you might not get the right results even with a spent of $10,000.

It’s been 2 Years for Impact of Google Panda Update

In the past 2 years, Google has made lots of changes to its algorithm. And one of those major changes was named as ‘Panda’ which was launched on Feb 24, 2011. Since its inception, whenever there is a Panda algorithm update, there is always an impact on existing great sites been losing their reputation on [...]

Google Panda Update Dec 21, Impacting 1.3% Queries

There have been rumors last week about Google updating their algorithm again and Google haven’t made any announcements. But website owners and SEO experts have noticed Google dance with the positions. Google has confirmed the update announcing it on Twitter that they have pushed out a Panda update. This update has impacted about 1.3% english [...]

Which Type of Social User Are You?

Social media is a big discussion point today only only for students and friends but also with businesses. With growing examples of benefits of social media, business have turned to social media for their business promotion, publicity and building up their brand value to target more and more prospect for easy sales. But that’s not [...]

Keyword research and targeting correct keywords for your website

There could be a lot of highly competitive keywords which may take longer time (say months or even years). So, along with long-term plan, make a short-term plan too so that your initial time, money & effort could payoff in early days / months of your SEO internet marketing strategy.